Varicose veins stopped me from doing the things I love. After all, varicose veins can be very painful. Not to mention how unsightly they are. But thanks to Vein Associates, my varicose veins are just a memory. Betty H.
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Hemorrhoids Treatments Minneapolis

Infrared Coagulation (IRC) treatment for Hemorrhoids

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Mild forms of infrared rays have been used in various medical procedures from time to time with effective results. Treatment of hemorrhoids is also possible with infrared coagulation (IRC) in many cases. To get rid of hemorroids, a mild level of infrared radiation is used. The hemorrhoid tissue is exposed to infrared radiation in specific wavelengths. This results in chemical reactions within the body, leading to serious coagulation of the blood surrounding the hemorrhoid. This causes the hemorrhoid to shrink, shrivel, seal up, or get sloughed completely.

Infrared radiation is an entirely different concept from toxic radiation that is used to treat cancerous cells. The operating doctor must reassure the patient in advance about the concept of infrared radiation so that the patient can be comfortable about the procedure. It is basically electro-magnetic radiation, which is too mild to cause any harm to a living tissue. The internal body changes or reactions that take place due to IRC treatment are very harmless in nature, and do not cause any undue harm to the body.

When IRC is used for hemorrhoids, the blood reacts by coagulating in the spot where the IR was aimed. Now, you wouldn't really want this to happen in the wrong place. If your blood coagulates within the hemorrhoid itself, you don't have a cure, you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid which is a whole other realm of hurt. If blood coagulates in a major vein, you have a blood clot that can travel to your heart and kill you.

IRC treatment must be performed only by qualified and experienced specialists who understand the level of precision and accuracy required in this approach. An experienced doctor knows that his or her aim is to achieve coagulation at the point where the hemorrhoid separates from the body, and not within the hemorrrhoid itself. Coagulation within the hemorrhoid can lead to building up of cellular toxins, resulting in severe pain and discomfort for the patient.

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